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founded 1999, initial capital €500,000
Executive Board: Alexander Nieswandt, Daniel Raab, Sabrina Flunkert.
This website is operated by Avenso GmbH.
Responsible party as defined in section 55, paragraph 2 of the RStV: Daniel Raab, Avenso GmbH, Ernst-Reuter-Platz 2, 10587 Berlin

Portfolio Review

Please do not send unsolicited portfolios to LUMAS

We work with artists who: are represented by established galleries, take part in public exhibitions, studied at renowned academies, or have made a name for themselves in the fields of professional or journalistic photography pursuing free, conceptual work. Should we become aware of your work as an artist, we will contact you. We take no responsibility for unsolicited portfolios and can only return them in postage-paid, self addressed return envelopes. Avenso GmbH is not liable for unsolicited photos and other materials.


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